Based in Baltimore, MD, Brandon Ushry Photos is all about capturing the joy of weddings in a real and genuine way. Brandon, the guy behind the lens, is just a regular person who's really into love and marriage stuff. He's on a mission to snap your best moments in super clear digital pics.

20230823_20525520230823_205255 Brandon didn't go to fancy photography school or anything. Nope, he taught himself the ropes over a bunch of years. All that hard work paid off in 2014 when he officially started Brandon Ushry Photos. Now, he's known for being a friendly face who likes to keep things personal. His goal? Make the photo-taking process chill so you and your partner can just be yourselves in front of the of the camera

Beige Minimalist Aesthetic Moodboard Photo Collage Instagram PostBeige Minimalist Aesthetic Moodboard Photo Collage Instagram Post When you choose Brandon Ushry Photos, you're not just hiring a photographer – you're gaining a storyteller who will encapsulate the beauty and magic of your love into stunning images that will stand the test of time. Trust Brandon to turn your wedding day into a collection of memories that you will cherish forever.